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Computer Arts Special magazine

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Computer Arts Special is a monthly magazine published as an offshoot of our successful Computer Arts magazine. Each issue takes an in-depth look at a specific area of digital creativity. Already we've published Special editions on Photoshop, 3D graphics, Web design and digital video, illustration, print design and Flash with much more in the pipeline. Inside every issue you'll find great step-by-step tutorials, tips, reviews, features and showcase articles relating to the subject at hand. Plus, each Computer Arts Special we publish comes with a coverdisc packed with full software, demos, free stuff, resources, showreels and more. If you love Computer Arts, you'll like our Special editions just as much...

Reader Reviews for Computer Arts Special magazine

I Franks of Dorchester magazine rating 4/5
I bought a few issues of this mag as I have a regular subscription to computer arts regular magazine. It makes an excellent accompaniment as it goes in depth to the subject it focuses on. If you read the original mag get a sub to this.

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