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Internet.Works is the only magazine designed to help the business Internet user maximise the benefits of their chosen media. Every month it covers all the business aspects of the Internet, from setting up an online business to finding an ISP. Of course, just because you're setting up an Internet business doesn't mean you're an expert in the field, so we make sure our advice is straightforward without being patronising, and in plain English without the waffle. Internet.Works helps you get to grips with the problems of getting your business on the Net. It is split into simple, manageable sections. @works - the main practical Internet advice section - gives hands-on, tried-and-tested advice for getting started on the Web and marketing your site, while the Makeover and Case Studies sections show readers how to rejuvenate an old Web site. Internet.Works is unique. In a world where money can be made or lost at the touch of a button, Internet.Works gets you connected first time.

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