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MacFormat helps you get the most out of your Mac. Whether you're interested in professional 3D work, photo editing or homeaccounting we've got product tests and in-depth tutorials to suit. Our tutorials section is massive and well-respected - we have at least 25 pages of tutorials every issue, and regular fixtures include a Photoshop masterclass, a web builder tutorial and a lesson in how to get the best out of some covermounted software. Other subjects covered include making music with your Mac, managing your office needs, tips and tricks to get the best our of your operating system, software and hardware and much much more. Our Mac Solutions section aims to provide technical help for all our readers. With FAQs, expert help, technical Q&A, debates and guides, you're bound to solve your problems with MacFormat. The rest of the mag is packed full of reviews of the latest software and hardware, up-to-date and in-depth news coverage and plenty of columns and opinion pieces. Each issue we interview leading lights in the Mac industry and also showcase all the new fonts, websites, patches, fixes and books to hit the market each month. We now give you 2 CDs with every issue of MacFormat, packed with full software, brand new demos, essential resources, utilities and updates. Don't miss the chance to buy and sell secondhand Mac products from other readers with our free ads section also on the CDs.

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