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Nintendo Game Cube magazine

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BANG ON! From the ashes of N64 Magazine - Future's world-trouncing Nintendo title - comes NGC, rising phoenix-like to bring Nintendo-loving gamers all the information they could possibly need, and more. And not just that: after a seven month 'getting to know' period, we've gone and buffed up NGC to eye-blinding proportions and given you - THE ALL-NEW NGC! SQUARE BUT NOT SQUARE Yep, we're the world's BIGGEST games magazine now! You heard - you've got to see our new size to believe it. But, although we've got an all-new design, we're still as authoritative, enthusiastic and fun as ever, we'll still focus on The Big N's two knee-trembling next-generation systems - Gamecube and Game Boy Advance - and we'll still carry the BIG games YOU want to read about. The only diffference is, we'll have even more of each. INDEPENDENT AND LOVIN' IT! Because we're fully independent from Nintendo, we can tell you what we 'really' think about the latest games and rate them the minute they hit the shelves in Europe, the US and Japan. We don't copy rumours and speculation off the internet, either. Our tireless team of newshounds brings you reliable Gamecube gossip FIRST. But it's not all about us: our hee-uge Extended Play section is dedicated to the people who matter - YOU, and your letters, opinions, high scores, game challenges, as well as a whole lot else, give you the forum you need. WRITTEN BY EXPERTS! We're the most experienced Nintendo fans in the business, we've been playing games since we were in nappies, and NGC is the ultimate guide to Nintendo's greatest EVER consoles.

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