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PC Zone (DVD) magazine

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12 issues

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Every issue contains reviews, previews and features devoted exclusively to PC games. Plus, every month you get a 10GB double-sided DVD featuring patches, demos, exclusive DVD content, a huge library of Modwatch files and loads of essential software.

Reader Reviews for PC Zone (DVD) magazine

"Jools from Northants
What a great mag! jam packed every month! I have read alot of games magazines over about 6 years and this is the best one that i have come along yet.
The cover disc is the best around every month, Iactually think that this is the best part. Of the reviews inside this mag are very very in depth and written from the gamer point of view. I think that is the best style of writing as it makes it fun and interesting to read.
I love this magazine so much that i have taken out a 2 year subscription. that is how confident I am in the quality of this magazine!I hope that this may influence you in your subscription choices."

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