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JOIN THE NEXT GENERATION NOW! Playing PS2 Longer, Harder, Faster If you're reading this, you, like us, clearly give a damn about the little details. It's that level of detail which PSM2 is all about. We want to show you what it's like to feel the rain on the screen in Metal Gear 2, watch the sun set on your village in Dark Cloud, and floor an Audi TT round central London in The Getaway. PSM2's all about cracking 268 in Tekken Bowl, getting a review score totally right, staying up too late and the brilliance of that blue light. It's your fat-free guide to the Emotion Engine experience. What PSM2 isn't about, is piss-poor, seen-it-before features on girls 'n' games or videogame violence. It's not about those Japs being mad or D-list celebrities playing some random game. And we'll never, ever tell you to "Try before you buy!" Instead, we'll cut out the usual clichéd trash and get on with the stuff that matters to PS2 people. We know more than anyone else about PS2 and PS2 gaming, and the journalists that write for us are the most informed and passionately honest game fans you'll meet. They've also not lost sight of the fact that games are supposed to be fun. PSM2 plays longer, harder, faster than any other PlayStation 2 magazine. You won't be bored for a second. IN A NUTSHELLPSM2 is......intelligent, enthusiastic, comprehensive, escapist, entertaining. Japanese savvy, it's aimed at the committed gamer, and, like them, is passionately honest about PlayStation2. It also likes to make its readers laugh out loud. PSM2 is...... the place to come for the quirky and non-mainstream side of PlayStation2, as well as the big name games. It knows as much about Baki the Grappler as it does about Metal Gear Solid 2 - PSM2 readers feel a step above everyone else.

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